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Portrait of Brett Whiteley by Robert Walker
Photo credit for Robert Walker

The aim of The Whiteley Project is to compile a
comprehensive chronological record of the artistic
output of the celebrated Australian artist,
Brett Whiteley.

Kathie Sutherland began The Whiteley Project in 2006
concentrating at that time on the early works – paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture – created during the first two decades of Whiteley's creative life (1955-1967).

The results of this research were published in her seminal volume Brett Whiteley: A Sensual Line, published by Macmillan Art Publishing in 2010.

With the encouragement and support of Wendy
Whiteley, the research parameters have now expanded. Documentation of artworks now continues to the end of the artist's life.

To date Kathie has catalogued more than 2,000 works including individual drawings, paintings, prints, sculpture and ceramics that have come to light as well as the complete contents of the Whiteley Estate.

In preparation for the publication of a second volume, and to search out Whiteley artworks for inclusion in this catalogue raisonné, this website – a primary research tool – has been launched. For information as to how to have your Whiteley included click HERE.

The Whiteley Project is a not-for-profit exercise, dependent upon the support of the academic and arts community and private collectors. It is aimed at providing and exhaustive catalogue of the life works of the artist for the benefit of us all.

The Whiteley Project is supported by Wendy Whiteley and Brett Whiteley Studio Link to Brett Whiteley Studio web site at The Art Gallery of NSW